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Jessikill are Jessica Espinoza (Lead Vocals), Jyra Alejo (Guitars, Vocals), Arturo Knight (Bass, Vocals), Jordan Ames (Drums)

I met Jessica, namesake of Jessikill, outside the venue prior to their East Coast Lessburg gig on Parabellum 2022. Full of energy, enthusiasm, human connection, she was quick to shake my hand and introduce herself to an interested fan.

As the first band, let alone metal band, I’d seen live in over 2 years, I can honestly say ‘remarkable’. With only 3 songs, they blasted out of the gate with “Lightning”. A well-mixed metal intro, they animated just like Slayer and the lineup of Araya, King, and Hanneman (RIP) back in the day. If there was a metal equivalent of “whistle notes”, Jessica had us from the get go. A fresh execution of old school metal.

Check them out at Wacken here:

I disagree with All Music Magazine in the go-to Iron Maiden reference – too easy and perhaps a bit lazy – they are unique, but for me had bad boy elements of Sum 41 taking Metallica and making it better back in the day. Fast, furious, sword wielding, middling with “Right Now” and finishing up with “The Beast”, the energy despite having an early-doors crowd was delightful. It was a pleasure to share some space as they moshed and sang along to Yngwie right next to me at the end of the night. These guys are real, working their asses off, and super-talented.

Check them out on Facebook, and their YouTube channel for more.


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