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Jennifer Sanin

Originally from Russia, Jennifer Sanin brings a world of creative art to her music, both of which she now studies in Geneva. She is a singer and clarinetist, just starting to explore writing her own material and where her voice can take her. Currently rehearsing in much of her spare time, she lists her influences as Jay Kay, Lady Gaga, Grace Slick, Freddie Mercury, and anything Jazz Funk or Classic Rock. Her ideal would be to add drums to her repertoire – mostly because she just can’t sit still for a second.

With an all consuming passion for music, Jennifer can always find the beat in a room, looking around, dancing, and tapping a rhythm; she’s carried a love of music and the arts (and a massive rainbow colored scarf) through an education in Boston, and will soon be bringing us some contemporary vocals to make Geneva, and Fish Pond Sans Frontieres proud.


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Two Cities One World

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Tree Dwellers

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