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Idiot Grins

In 2012 Idiot Grins made Quarry. East Bay Express inexplicably referred to us as, “zydeco-rockish” and said the album was “charming but torpid” and “self-released”. Technically, the East Bay Express is also “self-released” so dudes, chill out!

The Idiot Grins newest album is entitled Big Man, and it represents a bit of a departure from the band’s first album, 2011’s Quarry. “I’ve always loved R&B and soul, especially the music of the great Stax Records from Memphis – artists like Sam and Dave, Booker T and the MG’s, and of course Otis Redding”, Randy explains. For this album, Idiot Grins explored their love of classic soul in depth. Of course, you can’t recreate the Memphis sound of the ’60’s without horns.

The band was fortunate to enlist the services of Johnny Bamont, sax player for 80’s super group Huey Lewis and the News (amongst countless others) and Mic Gillette, trumpet playing powerhouse with the legendary East Bay R&B bandTower of Power(amongst countless others). Their horns add just the right touch of authenticity to the bands’ original compositions. Recorded in Randy’s state of the art home recording studio, the band got to live a dream by flying to Memphis’s Ardent Studios to master the album. “What an honor and what a memory.

It may sound strange to combine classic soul and country rock on one album, but for Idiot Grins, it’s not an issue. “Soul and country come from the same place”, explains Randy, “the heart.”

You can find out more about Idiot Grins at their website, or on Facebook.


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