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Hooton Tennis Club

Hooton Tennis Club’s sole purpose is to create joyfully sloppy, semi-psyched out, trashy indie pop and to maintain a wide-eyed enthusiasm for distorted bass, shiny cymbals, and quite frankly obnoxious fuzz-wah solos.

This has been cultivated and demonstrated within their perfectly lo-fi bedroom recordings.

You can find out more about Hooton Tennis Club at their website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud page.

A couple of quotes about the band:

‘Both sloppy and shiny, reminiscent of the Sonic Youth era.’ DKFM May 2013

‘Hooton Tennis Club have that classic Teenage Fan Club hazy melodic ooze and those exquisite melodies on a song of lazy days and good times- a picture postcard from real life.’ John Robb – Louderthanwar March 2014.

Watch “Spokes” by Hooton Tennis Club here:


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