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Hjerlmuda the Drummer

I’m a Hobby Musician (various drums, sitar, guitar, vox, plus now VST’s & loops), Sound- & Computer Engineer from Berlin/Germany.

Initially having been somewhat forced to “enjoy” a musical education of sorts as a child (playing sheet music on a recorder) I really started enjoying music with the appearance of The Beatles. So I started off my “career” as a drummer in the mid – 1960s here:
(only sorry the recordings are just bootlegs, recorded “behind the scenes”)

After the Band dissolved, and inspired by the upcoming of psychedelic & electronic music I got into SoundExperiments together with the BassMan of our group. Of course, there is no way these can compare to the intricate “symphonies” being created nowadays in the age of computer music.

Further following the path of The Beatles, esp. George Harrison, I travelled to India in 1971, getting myself a Sitar there, and upon my return trying to teach myself to play on it:

Later I found out that I also was able to sing, and so I also learned some Guitar playing

In the mid-1990’s I met my friend the BassMan again who had moved to Bavaria and joined another Band. The “Bavarian Power Jam” Session came about very spontaneously around 1995. Credits for anything but drumming go to

Now, having seen the vast possibilities at hand, I have got into “it” again…and with a little help from my newly found and amazingly lovely SoundCloud & FaceBook friends I feel I could succeed…


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