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The Hertz Complex

“I can hear the rock but where’s the roll gone?”

A frustrated statement on the state of rock and roll, in the hazy early hours of a Monday night, has proved the driving force behind The Hertz Complex’s success since their first fully formed gig in 2013.

Since then, this lo-fi post punk outfit have headlined the legendary ‘Whisky A Go Go’ in LA, landed their debut festival appearance, and have scored a lead soundtrack on ‘The Pact’, leading to a stream of references across the media industry.

THC, as they are sometimes referred to, have set up camp in South London’s Deptford. The Canadian duo of Chris (bass) and Ben (drums) provide that solid backline and together they form the basis for Neil (lead vocal) and Paul’s (lead guitar) interlacing guitars.

For Neil and Paul this is somewhat of a reunion, their first attempt at a band meeting a premature end in a Cork deli. Separate attempts were made in bands TcT and The Hinges, however a random jam in a mutual friend’s lounge formed the basis of their exposure track ‘Bassy’ and gave birth to The Hertz Complex.

Their debut EP “A New Habit” is due for release Monday 14th July 2014

You can find out more about the band at their official website, their Facebook page, YouTube channel, or their Twitter feed.

Have a listen to “Bassy” from their forthcoming EP here:


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