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The Healing

The Healing are a four piece band based in London, England, combining elements of rock, roots, soul and poetry. Their full line-up was completed in the autumn of 2013, consisting of Jim Moreton (vocals, guitar), Nicolas Py (drums), Sam Thiery (bass) and Ariel Moreton (harmony vocals).

Their style ranges from atmospheric driving rock songs such as ‘Tonopah’ to tender, country inspired ballads such as ‘Childhood Home’. In either gear, songwriter Jim Moreton’s lyrics frequently draw from the theme of childhood memories, stories, and the lives of family members to create intimate and emotionally powerful songs. Musically, their songs weave together strong vocal and guitar melodies with dynamic grooves, close harmony singing and alternate guitar tunings. Their sound has been compared to artists including Neil Young, Wilco, Led Zeppelin, Kurt Vile, Lucinda Williams, Uncle Tupelo and Tom Petty.

The band released the track ‘Childhood Home’ in October 2013, accompanied by a promo video shot in the frozen wilderness of Manitoba, Canada. The single gained airplay from several London radio stations including Brooklands Radio Surrey and Croydon Radio, and was followed by a string of live showcases throughout London.

In June 2014 they completed their debut EP ‘Childhood Home’. It was recorded at 123 Studios London with engineer/producer Brett Shaw, and is due for release on the 22nd August 2014.

Check out their links on their Facebook, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and their Twitter feed.


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