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Love. Self-acceptance. Tolerance. Diversity. True happiness. Haikaa radiates these messages and more through her powerful music. The international pop singer/songwriter hails from Brazil, Japan, and the U.S. Her multicultural background blends seamlessly to create songs with universal themes, sung with a luminous voice full of emotion, honesty, and grace.

Haikaa’s album, Work of Art, debuted in the Fall of 2011. The nine track album features songs by Haikaa and songwriting partner, Mercuri. Producers Ross Leitner and Michael Bradley lend their expertise to develop songs artfully deployed through rich melodies, rhythmic beats, and lush vocals. The album speaks about love, empowerment, the search for genuine happiness, and the courage to change and break paradigms. Pulling from her past and guided by love, Haikaa sings about her own truths and experiences in an authentic way that reveals itself through her voice, melody, and lyrics. She channels light through her timeless and refreshing music with a voice of striking purity that bares an exquisite soul.

The title track, Work of Art, speaks of self-acceptance and the tolerance, diversity, and harmony it can lead to. Haikaa also promotes these cross cultural ideas through her humanitarian effort, The Work of Art Global Project, where she masterfully records the title track in 20 languages. Listeners can view the project’s video on her website Another standout track, Everything I Know About Love, evokes her positive persona by acknowledging rejection and embracing the concept of learning to love “Love” again. The talented musician is already finishing her second album and working on her third. Like in Work of Art, she envisions including songs recorded in different languages into her future albums.

Haikaa’s musical journey began in Japan when Sony Music discovered her as a teen. She performed and toured in a girl band, and through this experience she heard her musical calling. She also started songwriting and realized the liberation it brought to her. While influenced by Kate Bush and The Renaissance for the way their voices merged into their music, Haikaa developed her own songwriting style and vocal technique through hard work and perseverance. She studied classical music, Japanese folk-singing, bossa nova, and pop. She also started speech therapy to fine-tune her vocal and hearing instruments. This combination of vocal training and speech therapy is the basis for her ability to hear and reproduce sounds in varying languages.

In addition to performing at corporate and non-profit events around the world, Haikaa’s global outlook and passion for music led her to participate in environmental and educational humanitarian efforts. Her beauty inside and out shines through her music, and she lives the truths that she sings about. Haikaa confides, “I would like to be remembered as the artist whose music inspires people to fall in love with themselves and to fall in love with Love.” Her new album Work of Art achieves this and more.

In June 2012, Haikaa also published her thought-provoking book “What is Diversity?” where she discusses issues ranging from sexuality to health, democracy to ethics, and environment to consumption from the perspective of diversity. “In diversity, everyone belongs,” concludes Haikaa.

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