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Grumsling is a creative project, perpetuated by Carl Flynn, D.J. Lowe, Matt Lowe and Dominic Rodriguez (plus a revolving door of guests), based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a character, a story, a feeling, imagery…and music. Grumsling was born from nothingness, the void into which everything eventually returns.

The band’s music fits into today’s “indie” or “alternative” rock genre, but they take the genre to an extreme. Couched in an epic narrative their music describes a mystical and exciting sound world filled with allusions to mysticism and hinting at a massive new mythology. Influences range from Modest Mouse and Thrice to the Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, and even The Grateful Dead.

Expect to see more of Grumsling as time passes and the void approaches… perhaps even in your own life. Do keep in mind the aforementioned are reluctant participants and are not to be held liable for any ill-effects the Grumsling may cause to you and yours.

Find out more about Grumsling at their Facebook page,, check out their music for download on BandCamp, videos on their YouTube Channel, and overall at their website. You’ll find their Twitter feed here.

Check out the Grumsling walking right here: