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Grace Blue

Grace Blue is an alternative-pop music duo based in Los Angeles, California.

The music duo, who originally met at their hometown Tel-aviv, Israel, consists of vocalist Grace Mogz and keyboard player Joseph Arazi. Their self-titled debut EP is a combination of dark emotionally driven trip hop, alongside catchy, up-tempo alternative-pop.

Says lead vocalist Grace Mugz:

Music has always been my most effective escape and comfort. It is my only way to stay sane. That’s how I could always release my extreme emotions and express myself. It made me proud to be different and enabled me ​to embrace my own uniqueness, weirdness and flaws. Our dream is to connect with people through our lyrics and melodies, and make them know that they’re not alone in whatever it is that they’re feeling. That’s our ultimate goal.

Check out more from their website, Facebook Page, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

You can also check out their EP right here.

Also check out “Our Eyes” here:


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