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Elizabeth Lee

My name Is Elizabeth ….I like to LIVE and SERVE OUT LOUD. I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember. I’ve lived in Houston, Nashville, New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Austin, Prevalle and Wimberley, and I’ve found great music and creative juice in each and everyone of them. The touring projects I am working with are KNuckle YummY out of Austin Texas, and ELiZaBETH LeES CoZmIC MoJO out of Brescia Italy. The latest project I am working on is a soundtrack for a soon to be released movie THE MARK. Look for it at SUNDANCE! I am an artist and often mix my art and music together for various humanitarian projects. One being the GOTTA RED DAWG double cd which features 30 songs from 30 artists around the world. I also like Pie. Pumpkin is my favorite.

You can find an interview with Elizabeth Lee here


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