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Elements UK

Elements UK History Repeating

Formerly known as Dakota Ruins, Elements has 5 members; Barney Oakley on vocals, Jon Chadwick and Freddy Saunders on guitars, Steve Bourne on bass, and Patrick Waldron on drums. All song writing and production is done by the band in their bedroom style studio.

The band draw their influences from some of the most well know modern progressive bands, combining them with underground and emerging deathcore before adding their own spin on the genre. Aiming to deliver technical solos and ambient breakdowns to satisfy the metal-heads, along with choruses filled with hooks made to stick in your head, Elements aim to impress on a large scale!

Elements pride themselves on their live performances, aiming to make an impact with a combination of a tight playing and a blistering stage presence. Although not new to the scene, everyone in Elements lets their passion for playing shine through on stage, bringing their energy and passion to the forefront at every show!

Elements has played alongside Skyharbor, Napoleon, Martyr Defiled, Visions, Ravenface, Odessa, Bury Tomorrow, Despite My Deepest Fear, Deadharts.

Barney introduces the band (and a killer riff) here:

You can also hook up with Barney’s solo project, Hung, right here on his Fish Pond Profile.


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