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“ECOTONE” is a “place where two or more ecological systems collide”.
“ECOTONIC” is a “place where two or more musical styles collide”.

The former drummer from AC/DC; the former singer from Peter Criss (KISS); & a girl whose played with Sheryl Crow, Kenny Loggins & Joe Cocker. ECOTONIC’s diversified new CD “Sound Bites” has the industry talking. Pennsylvania’s Jason Ebs brings the “Rock” on Vocals & Guitar; Santa Barbara’s Janea Chadwick Ebs brings her hauntingly beautiful voice ala folk meets rock; and Drumming Legend Chris Slade brings pounding beats to their foundation.

Heavy drum grooves combine with plush melodic guitars & thumping bass to bring a wall of sound in a “Heavy modern Fleetwood Mac” kind of way. The mix of male & female lead vocals crosses the gender barrier, making their catchy songs capable of reaching all facets of the mainstream market.

With both an acoustic & and electric side, ECOTONIC musically covers anything from hard Rock & Roll to the sweetest of acoustic songs. Their catchy anthems “Live” & “I’m So Ready” both appear in the thriller movie “Chain Letter” starring Nicki Reed from “Twilight New Moon”) and Slammin’ Pop sing-alongs like “The Only One”, “I’m So Sorry”, and “Spin Me Around” “had everyone in the radio station dancing around the room” according to Rick Shoemaker on his “Breaking In Show” on KFWB 980am in LA.

You’ll find our more about Ecotonic at their website, Facebook Page, or purchase their latest effort here on iTunes.

Check out “You’ve Got To Live” right here: