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dsfečo was born David Fetcho (the spelling assigned to his Slovak grandparents on Ellis Island) in Pittsburgh, PA in 1948. He has spent decades composing commissioned works for dance, theater, video and broadcast. But he has always been a songwriter at heart, beginning with high school and college bands, and in small venue performances into adulthood.

In 1967, his group in college was signed to Jubilee Records by producer Lou Guarino (Chad and Jeremy, The Skyliners), renamed “The P.D.U.S.M,” was flown to New York to record in the West Village, offered hookers by the producer (graciously declined!), got written up as a pick of the week in Cashbox, then was not promoted into oblivion.

His next group, The People, was signed by Joe Averbach (The Del Vikings; Buddy Sharp and The Shakers) to Dash Records, and had a release of proto-psych songs on 45rpm, also in 1967. Both groups’ 45’s are still listed on collector’s sites stateside and abroad.

Since those years, dsfečo has worked as a professional copywriter, video producer and composer. With his choreographer wife, Susan English Fetcho, he created and scored 14 original dance/music/theater works performed in the San Francisco Bay area and overseas from 1980 until 1993. In 1987, Australian Broadcasting Company commissioned him to score a 9 part radio series on the recovery journeys of several heroin-addicted prostitutes in the King’s Cross area of Sydney.

Now, at age 67 (really!) he has released his debut solo, 6 song EP, “Watch It Sparkle.”

You can find out more about dsfečo at his Facebook page, or on SoundCloud.


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