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Dr Compressor

Dr. Compressor (Yvan Gessler) is a Swiss musician/producer creating his own brand of abstract, instrumental hip hop. In 2002 he contracted a virus that produced a permanent acouphene (ringing noise) in his left ear. He’s found that it improves when music is playing so his ears are focused on something else. Yvan doesn’t consider himself a musician, just as someone passionate about music and sound. 

And this is the point; his work is more about sound than regular music, this is music for audiophiles or enthusiasts. He’s spent thousands of hours trying to achieve THAT perfect elusive sound; the perfect beat with the perfect bass, perfectly fitting together, to create “that big, warm, vintage, sweet yet powerful, good sound.”

“This is why I can say I’m not proud of my music, and I suck as a composer, but I’m proud of my sound. I think I finally also created that perfect organic sound, but using just a computer, and that’s the point of the stuff I do (and distracting my ears by the way…)” says Gessler about his work.