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The Devine Xperience

The Devine XperienceAlien Dust

The Devine Xperience is a live music act that plays a unique blend of electronic dance music with elements of breakbeat, dubstep, trap, and trance. Their music has been described as timeless by music critics that have tried to categorize it.

Robert Devine creates and records the music. Vanessa Garic is the Creative Director guiding the artistic and visual aspects of the group also lending her skills as a live performer. Enki Siruz is the audio engineer and is responsible for adding the polish and sparkle to the music and is also featured as a live performer.

Says Robert Devine: “I try to take listeners on a journey into their innermost senses, almost as though I am acting as a musical shamen of sorts. I love aliens, breakbeats, Vanessa Garic’s voice, dubstep, synthesizers, and dark epic gothic music, so I aimed to bring all of those worlds together into one freakish musical mutant. I wanted this project to be unexpected and purposely aimed for it to be almost completely unmarketable due to not fitting into any predetermined genre. I was signed to Keoki Records and Let’s Beat Milo Records because the Universe brought me to the one record label that supported my vision and never pushed back against my ideas since day one and instead embraced my musical vision 100% and for that I am truly grateful.”

About The Album:
The Devine Xperience – Self-Titled debut Album contains classic Electronic Dance Music consisting of the elements of Dubstep, Breaks, Electro, Trance, and Acid. It is the brainchild of producer Robert Jaros AKA Robert Devine and singer & creative director Vanessa Garic. It contains messages in the songs regarding politics, aliens, and various other controversial and transcendental subjects and will elevate the listener to a higher state of consciousness. It features remixes from legendary recording artist’s: Jackal of Jackal & Hyde and previously of Dynamix II, Decoding Jesus, The Duke and The Kaiser, and DJ D-Xtreme. The DevineXperience Album release will be supported by an all encompassing Promotional Campaign consisting of 3 music videos, and full PR, College Radio, and Social Media Promotion. Look out for their upcoming performances at a Rave, Club, Concert or Festival near you.

You can find out more about The Devine Xperience here:

Artist contact: or



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