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David Church

David Church has found success despite all odds. He is outside the box, of what Nashville defines as ‚”marketable material.” Being successful in any business takes hard work and perseverance, but in the music and entertainment business it takes even more. Amazingly, without a major hit on mainstream radio or even a record label, Church has millions of fans all over the world.

Church has been featured on RFD-TV‚Äôs popular show, “Midwest Country” for over six years. His popularity throughout the US, Canada, and now Europe continues to soar as he makes regular appearances on the show and tours throughout the world. Joe Jenson, producer of Midwest country continues to state, “Over the past 6 years, David continues to be our most popular, most requested artist. And the live audience continues to support the shows at the theater. His shows are always a sell out!” Known for his uncanny ability to sound like “Hank”, David is a singer/songwriter and Nashville recording artist, and also performs and records his originals and other traditional country music.

David was born and raised in Lancaster, OH; a small town on the outskirts of Columbus. The youngest of 14, David grew up surrounded by country music and bluegrass. His father taught himself to play the 5 string banjo and played at local barn dances and picnics, where he performed some of the songs by artists such as Uncle Dave Macon, The Carter Family, Jimmy Rodgers, and Bill Monroe.

Several of his brothers and uncles also played guitar and sang. David‚Äôs fascination with the guitar began as early as he could walk and he began picking it up and playing around the age of 5. Everywhere around him, the influence of country music began to form strong roots in David’s life. As he began to learn to play and study vocal techniques he was influenced by many of the early country music pioneers. But it was Hank Williams’s influence that formed the basis for his style of vocals. David has been featured in numerous major country music magazines including, Country Weekly, Country Music Report, Nashville, Music Guide, Dreamwest, The Tub, Indie Islands, and many others. He has performed with major artists from Gene Watson, Lorrie Morgan, George Jones, and many others.

David performs throughout the world along with his talented wife, Terri Lisa Church, who sings back up and lead. Terri Lisa is also a published journalist and talented songwriter.

David and Terri Lisa were featured on a cruise sponsored by 2006 CMA DJ of the Year, Kevin Richards including major artists, Ritchie McDonald (Lonestar) Jimmy Fortune, Kevin Sharp, & Brian White. Performing together on the same stage, David‚Äôs performance was met with a standing ovation. Church attributes his success in the music business to the millions of “true country fans” that are tired of what they hear on the radio. “Although I feel there is certainly a place for today‚Äôs modern country music, I think that the people that supported country music and brought it to where it is today have been forgotten about by the major labels and radio;” Church stated. “The success that I have had has come from the fans that so long for the traditional sound of country that they have heard in the past, but no longer find in mainstream country music. Those are the fans that have been forgotten. I also feel that a lot of RFD-TV’s success can be attributed to the country music shows that they have been airing, which go along with the country and farm lifestyle. We are proud to be a part of this family oriented TV network.”


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