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Daniel Sobrino

Originating from Mexico City, Daniel Sobrino has always loved music, having memories of singing since he was a child. As his life progressed, it became apparent that his love of music had blossomed into a burning passion and became his primary objective.

At age 19, the singer moved to Los Angeles, where he picked up the piano and discovered its versatility within different genres. Sobrino took a shot at writing his own music and started working on his first EP called Born Again. This led to the creation and production of his songs, “The Power of Us” and “Losing It”, which are both available on iTunes.

Sobrino’s musical influences include Sia, John Legend, Adele, Coldplay, Ryan Tedder, Regina Spektor and Lady Gaga. However, he has stated that he is not trying to be like any other artist but instead wants to be completely unique. His goal is to make his art a true and honest reflection of his own personality.

Daniel Sobrino has been taking Los Angeles by storm with his undeniably beautiful voice and original viewpoint on songwriting. Currently, he is concentrating on the release of his newest EP, Born Again, which will be available later on this month.