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Cristian Dorado

Presenting my second single … ‘esperame’ (‘wait for me’)…

I am a Colombian singer who started his career, my first single is called “Me Siento Morir” (“I am dying”); I am also a composer of songs and currently a composition of mine can be heard in the movie “Ni Te Cases Ni Te Embarques”. The song is called “And Thus “and is played by Ana Maria Franco.


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We are FocusKids – we love to perform in national and general public holiday’s events, such as October 1st for the Nigeria Independence and other country National days.

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Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk

In a world where the gift of simply appreciating music seems to have been lost, it takes something extraordinary to capture the heart and the attention of listeners. Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk do just that.

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Matt Kabus

Matt Kabus is a rising star with a fresh new sound that embodies the unique confluence of thoughtful lyrics coupled with memorable tunes.

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