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Carey Appel

Growing up on the west side of Los Angeles in a retail/entertainment family, love of music started at age 3. “Such a grown up voice for such a little girl” was most often heard. Grammar and high school musicals abounded until a coach skipped over her for “Fiddler on the Roof”. Carey gave up music during college and after graduating from UC Berkeley, followed in the family tradition of retail. She opened a chain of gift and home stores, though singing was always her first love.

With a personal life-changing event, this captivating performer and soulful storyteller returned to the music community in 2011 with her first album. “New Favorites”. Her company, (aptly named Heather Road for the street she grew up on), produced the album of aurally seductive vocals influenced by Melody Gardot, Patti Griffin, Cheryl Wheeler and Judith Owen.

She has since teamed up with artist and producer Lisa Nemzo of Dream Wild Records -(Bonnie Raitt, David Crosby, Heart, Ray Charles, Hall & Oates;), who produced her newest album in Nashville in 2012.- “House of Cards” demonstrates Carey’s innate passion and musical finesse, a collection of diverse and riveting acoustic singer/songwriter and rock arrangements with a sophisticated folk flair. It is an intimate and compelling journey to finding one’s own empowerment – where listeners may even hear a piece of their own story woven into Appel’s candidly-written lyrics. The themes contained in Carey’s writing mirror some of our inner most secrets fused with heartwarming honesty; her rich vocals narrating stories from a bittersweet past to an encouraging future.

Remarks Carey, “There is an inexplicable joy that comes from sharing what’s within and having it resonate with others. My greatest passion comes from carving a path and inviting others to dance along.”

A performer in the LA area for only a decade, it’s hard to believe that Carey has been writing her own compositions for just under two years. She is a highly respected merchant with her own tasteful retail home and gift store of 30 years, Salutations Home,

Carey is currently represented by J3 Music while collaborating with various songwriters writing for TV and film licensing. She continues to inspire and support budding artists and members of her community. Over the years she has dedicated herself to helping children at the Performing Arts Program of Children’s Institute – an organization that treats abused children and their families. A portion of album sales supports this endeavor. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, and performs regularly at local venues and private events. For a calendar, go to


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