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The Byzantines

The electro-rock five piece are a result of late nights and fast times spent around Adelaide.

They come from a variety of musical backgrounds in producing an excellent blend of electronic based music, with strands of psych-rock and pop intertwined. Having just recorded their debut EP with Matthew Hills (Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!), The Byzantines have also enlisted the talents of Adelaide’s own Luke Godson (The Swiss/Luke Million) on production duties, giving their already attitude-laden sound that extra punch.

Their debut single, ‘Punch On’ is a straight out slap to the face, featuring 80s-esc synth tones, sleazy trumpet, growling guitars, and heavy bass over a driving beat. The band considers it the best indication of what to expect from The Byzantines, both live and in future recordings as they enter a new creative phase as a band and performing unit.

You can find out more about The Byzantines at their website, Facebook Page, BandCamp, SoundCloud, or their Twitter Feed.


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