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Buffalo Soldier

Ricardo Allan Kerr aka the Buffalo Soldier comes from the beautiful Caribbean island nation of Tobago.

The Buffalo Soldier started writing his own songs from a very tender age. After many years of struggle and hard times and seeking help from music industry professionals the world over and continued rejections from music professionals worldwide, the Buffalo Soldier took his very small salary of S5.00 per hour Tobago currency and executive produced the monster hit album, “Born To Shine”.

This album was a major success for the Buffalo Soldier placing him on the worldwide music agenda. The lyrics of the Buffalo Soldier can be described as very prophetic and relates to all of humanity. God’s truth is the Buffalo Soldier is one of the greatest songwriter humanity has ever known. Just listen to the lyrics, look around your nation and be the judge.

Find out more on his Jango site here, or connect with him on Facebook here.


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