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Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders

Billy Roberts was raised in Moree, Australia, and is a man who is not worried about the status quo. He couldn’t give a damn what the Joneses are up to and is simply focused on being true to himself; in life and in his music. And if that makes him a renegade, leaving him to go it alone, so be it.

His style of music, country rock with flourishes from hard rock, folk, and occasional blues, is one that leaves the artist feeling somewhat alienated in his native Australia where mainstream country music, as a rule, is not very popular. That’s led to issues with Roberts finding artists to play with in country, eventually leading the artist to seek out a studio in Nashville to record his yet to be titled debut album with producer Billy Anderson at Cumberland Studios.

In short, Billy Roberts is who he is and, frankly, he’s not worried too much about what you think about that. He’s a rugged individualist who’s set on carving his own way in life and in music and, while he’s been favorably compared to the best, he’s happy to say, “I wanna be Billy Roberts.”

And for Roberts, that mission is summed up by the artist this way as he shares, “I would rather be more than I promised and less than I said. I don’t wanna be someone I am not.”

Check out more of his material at his website, or at BandCamp here.

Also check out his demo of “Red Head Baby” right here:


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