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Audnoyz 1: multi-referential stylistically, quintessential tracks seamlessly integrated from acoustic & electronic instruments, voice, non & recognizable sources, machines, and the disruptive / cohesive element of noise; 2: evocative music that bleeds out all over the genre map, blurred boundaries not beholden to the poles of popular form; 3: a music production aesthetic; 4: the music producer and psuedonisticmusictechnophilosoph that has crawled out from under a rock in the garden that is the web…

Audnoyz is the genre mashing music producer guise of composer/guitarist/music industry technology veteran Steve Thomas. The audnoyz production aesthetic has developed over the course of the last decade. It was a European music technology journalist to first frame Audnoyz music as ‘Kopf Kino’ (mind cinema) an aural sojourn for the inner eye; like experiencing synesthesia, seeing the music, imbued by amazing multi-referential stylistic cinematic properties.

You’ll find an excellent link for more information on Audnoyz right here at his website, and here at his Facebook Page.

Check out “The Epic Tale” right here:


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