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Anna Beatriz

Singer-songwriter Anna Beatriz came to the United States from Santos, Brazil with a long list of accomplishments and an even longer list of dreams. Currently she sets up shop in Hollywood, CA where she has just completed her Associate of Arts degree in Musicians Institute’s Vocal Program, as well as winning the Outstanding Student Award. Anna is prepared to debut her music across the city and carries with her a catalog of songs filled with soaring chord melodies that combine jazz and pop with ease. Her lyrics are nothing short of tender and personal, reflecting how emotionally intelligent she really is. Her performances convey a rich Brazilian upbringing and natural charm that draw the listeners into her show.

Anna Beatriz flourished in the arts while growing up. She began playing the piano at eight years old and quickly fell into the study of theater and dance. Her teenage years were spent teaching piano, playing for church, writing jingles and discovering her own voice as an artist while traveling with her band. What seemed like a hectic teenage schedule at the time was ultimately the foundation of a gypsy lifestyle on the road with her music.

In 2006, Anna recorded her first record and had exceptional success follow. In the midst of playing shows, gaining recognition and developing a relationship with her fans, Anna had several opportunities to leave the country and take her study of music even further. Boston, Portugal and even Paris were all available to her but when the chance to fly to Los Angeles arose, it only took her two days to decide. Without delay, she gathered her bubbly personality, all the knowledge incurred from touring and flew to the U.S. wearing a warm yet determined smile. If asked how she was okay with leaving everything behind on short notice, she would tell you that the universe conspired for it, simply saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Anna arrived in the Spring of 2011 and has yet to slow down. During her studies at Musicians Institute she co-wrote an entire musical that was sent off to Brazil, taught music and performed. She now treks the city, scooping up every opportunity that promises another. Since her arrival, Anna has learned a tremendous amount about life and states that she is ready for anything that comes her way. With a heart overflowing with experience, Anna has come to the realization that she isn’t chasing music, rather it’s chasing her instead. She can’t get away from it.

(Bio by Ricky England – Revised by Britten Fay)

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