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Amy Grace Standel

Amy Grace Standel has been studying voice for 5 years, most recently with Aime Sposato. She’s a vocal performance major at Shenandoah University, with a theatre minor focusing on stage management.

During her career, she’s held several solos with the Conservatory Choir at SU. She also counts opera as a specialism; she was a chorus member in ‘Candide’ in 2008, and Suzanna in the class production of the second act of the ‘Marriage of Figaro’. She’s given two recitals recently, and hopes to audition for some summer programs.

Her talent was obvious from an early age; she could sing her ABCs before she was 2, and has been singing ever since! In high school she had roles in several musicals, most notably as the Genie in ‘Aladdin Jr’, the witch in ‘Into the Woods Jr’, and Young Girl in Woody Guthrie’s ‘An American Song’.

She didn’t start studying classical repertoire until she went to college in 2007. She started out as a Music Ed major at Grand Valley State University as a music education major.

Her bigger goal, and we support her all the way, is to go to AIMS in Austria in 2014. It’s a summer program, and she will have just graduated; a lot of singers get employment in Germany from this endeavor.

From Sunday 6th January, a fabulous recital performance from Amy:


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