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Ama Chandra

Singer/songwriter Ama Chandra (the name “Ama” is of Ghanian origin, and means “born on Saturday” in the Akan and Twi languages) brings to the music scene a convergence of gospel, jazz, and soul inspired vocals packaged into a sound that can best be described as “World Soul Music”. Ama comes from humble beginnings and a very musical family in Plant City, Florida where she was born and raised.

She has travelled as part of the FAMU connection, eventually making her way to Brazil to immerse herself in the country’s culture, Portuguese and the unique syncopated rhythmic sound that is at the core of all Brazilian-influenced musical styles. She eventually made Baltimore, Maryland her home geographically and musically, growing her formidable talent at open mics to start, and eventually at musical events at the city’s premier live performance venues. It was here that Ama also began building her loyal fan base. This base was so strong and dedicated that when Ama decided to enter the “To Brazil With Love” singing contest that Chaka Khan was sponsoring — first prize was the opportunity to perform with Chaka at a show in Brazil — Ama sent her videotaped entry of her rendition of “My Funny Valentine” in the day before the contest ended, and she was able to pull together enough votes in 12 hours to win the contest.

It was in Baltimore that she also recorded her first full-length musical project, entitled “Destiny”, which was picked up for national distribution by Sony Music.

“Destiny” is a smooth and stylish blend of everything she comes from and has grown to love musically — from classic jazz and old school gospel to modern day R & B, soul and funk, all finely balanced on a world music foundation. Backed by some of Baltimore’s most established young musicians, the 12-track offering will definitely quench any music-lovers thirst for beautiful, meaningful and soulful music. Her sound has been described as ‘refreshing’ and in a short period of time she has established herself as one to watch.


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