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Alexandra DOM

Barely out of her mother’s belly, Alexandra already was searching a microphone to sing into!
You want more…here it is. A young woman full of energy, generosity, who enjoys life to the fullest with enthusiasm and spontaneity! And then?
A radiant smile, a sweet and melodious voice that takes us into her music world of Pop music, all catchy and varied. But what else!
It gathers sometimes in the lyrics some subtle shifted humor carried by fragments of life both personal and universal. And what happens?!
Before anything, it gathers optimism with a first title pop reggae “Tuberculosis of the buffalo” (La tuberculose du buffle) a kind of UFO that we are not used to seeing in France and has already crossed the skies over 7000 Youtubers!

“Don’t wait for the end of the world” (N’attends pas la fin du monde) a musical journey with accents of Folk, invites us to think about the meaning of life: to enjoy it to the fullest, instead of barely scraping by and only living a life of existence. “Between the radars” (Entre les radars) sounding Electro Pop Rock verging uncontrolled skidding or fined for speeding. A wind of freedom in its purest form! “Nobody loves me not me” (Personne ne m’aime pas moi) dancing title, tonic and anti-crisis, where Alexandra gives herself a declaration of love combined with a dose of self-mockery, fantasy and truth. In the end, an album of 11 tracks.

You can listen now on this link: Noomiz


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