Jonina – You and Me

Jonina Aradottir is every definition of a beautiful soul. With a voice like a gentle breeze, she fills every corner of the room like an echo from an angel.

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The talented singer/songwriter was raised in the southeastern countryside of Iceland, where she began to develop into the musician we have come to know and love today. She combines the skills she learned studying her art at Songskoli Reykjavikur’s most prestigious vocal school, and abroad studying studio techniques and guitar with Den Rytmiske Hojskole in Denmark, with her original twist, to bring you a beautiful style of musical craftsmanship.

One of my favorite songs of Jonina’s, (and the subject of this review) is ‘You and Me’.

With this heartfelt, guitar-based ballad, she takes you on a journey to a feeling of pure love and joy. Slow; like a lullaby, the song begins. You will most likely find yourself closing your eyes, swaying side to side, and by the second chorus; singing along. The verses are so honest, like they were plucked right out of a memory and placed into the song. Flowing with dreamy ease into the chorus;

“Do you wanna take my hand?
Do you wanna be my man?
Walk beside me till the ends of time,
and it will be,
just you and me.”

There is no need for any additional musical build, Jonina does everything the song needs vocally. Beautifully simple in the guitar, with a skilled finger-picking style that runs throughout, there’s plenty of room for her voice to shine; and by the second chorus she does just that. Voice ringing out; she demonstrates her vocal range, completely enveloping you in the lyrics, she reaches the peak of the song as she sings the catch phrase:

“you and me, just you and me.”

Then drifting back down almost into a whisper, she does a perfectly executed fade-out of guitar and vocals, finishing just as wonderfully as the song began.

If Jonina can evoke this much honest feeling and emotion from just one ballad, you can only imagine what she’s capable of delivering with an album. She is a joy to watch blossom and grow. A true musician and artist.

You can hear more from Jonina Aradottir here.

By Pranam Bai Richter
Head of Global Publicity, the Fish Pond


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