How To Write Even Gooder

    How To Write Even Gooder
  1. Eliminate sentences containing acronyms ASAP.
  2. The use of foreign language in an English language document is generally considered to be a faux pas.
  3. Don’t never use a double negative.
  4. To split an infinitive is to quickly confuse the reader.
  5. “Always use your own words”, as my grandmother used to say.
  6. Always avoid any alliteration.
  7. A poorly used simile will be received like a clown at a funeral.
  8. Never make an exception unless it is really needed.
  9. Mixing prose and poetry is a no-go; It devalues your text, and ruins the flow.
  10. The use of biblical quotes may offend some readers, so don’t risk it. So let it be written, so let it be done.
  11. Lists should contain a maximum of ten points.
  12. Advertising has no place in serious writing. An excellent website with a no-advertising policy can be found at