Gregg Wright – Cry Myself a River

Lets talk blues. Lets talk Gregg Wright. An extremely talented artist in his own right, his musicianship goes beyond the skills his so clearly demonstrates, to genuine inspiration.

Gregg Wright

Gregg first took up the guitar while attending junior high school in Falls, Texas. Playing in bands all around the Washington D.C area, he established himself as a very talented musician; a strong prelude to his pro career.  He began on the U.S. Southern circuit in the mid-1970′. A move in the ’80’s from Louisiana to Los Angeles found Wright becoming a more-than-noticed guitarist, earning awards, recording platinum albums and doing world tours with superstars like Michael Jackson and Mick Fleetwood among others.

In his electrifying blues cover, ‘Cry Myself A River’, he starts right off with sensational guitar riffs that pull you right down into the setting of a smoky little café, filled with late-night party goers, and steamy love. The long intro of a full 49 seconds, is so simple; with just the electric guitar and drums holding down a groovy sway, the whole song could be an instrumental and I’d be happy; it’s that good. But when the lyrics do come in, singing out the title “I’m gonna cry myself a river” Gregg effortlessly draws you in; hook, line, and sinker. The lyrical content paints the picture of a heart-wrenching love that everyone can relate to, but only some succeed in creating into such passion in a song form.

The song has this great build throughout, and so many places for an instrumental guitar solo. Gregg takes every opportunity and runs with it, pulling you higher and higher with each guitar lick. When he reaches that sweet note, it feels like you’re right there with him, and he’s singing directly to you, he gets you completely invested into the song. Somehow having the illusion of performing in an intimate setting, while perhaps really playing for thousands of people, Gregg’s talent goes beyond musical ability. And with such a rich tone to his voice, the lyrics linger with each word, and with the slight growl that touches select vocal notes, there’s a feeling of passion poured into every word.

Gregg has set an example of how blues has evolved and blended into the world of rock/pop during his musical career of working with Michael Jackson, while outstanding live performances across Europe and America, have earned him much deserved international acclaim.

I don’t know what’s next to come from Gregg Wright, but the legacy he’s left behind is definitely something to be proud of. Watch “Cry Myself a River” live in Calais in 2009 here.

You can hear more from Gregg here.

By Pranam Bai Richter, Head of Global Publicity, The Fish Pond


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