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Born in Ibagu, the Colombian Music Capital; with the passion and upbringing for a destined love for music, Felipe Romero brings his life and heart to shine front and center in his songs. A genuine and warm-loving spirit, he grew up with the family support of a singer as a grandmother and a grandfather that worked as a radio journalist. He was inspired and encouraged from a young age to express his artistic side; and he clearly does just that to this present day.

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You can listen to his single; ‘L’aria che Respiri’ here while you read the review:

His single; ‘L’aria che Respiri’ has been a unique piece for me to write. The challenge of giving proper justice and critique to a song sung in both Italian and Spanish, when I speak neither one, has been quite a fascinating experience personally. With the English translation lyric sheet, I was able to fully appreciate the complexity that is required to create such beautiful music. So it goes without saying Felipe is extremely talented, and I am now a lover of Spanish music like never before.

I think that for most people (myself included) it takes a “special effort” to listen and appreciate music that’s in a foreign tongue, when you can’t just listen to a song for what the lyrics are saying, you have the unique opportunity to listen to the song for what the emotion and heart of it truly is. And maybe that’s what we as people need to do more; at least that’s what this song did for me.

Beginning with a soft and delicate intro, the scene is set for wherever the song should decide too go. Without hesitation, it’s followed by a full on Spanish swag; getting you moving before even the first verse. So well crafted with a subtle rise and fall throughout the song; each instrument has it’s own place. Not being overpowered by the other or by the lyric, Felipe’s vocal is rich and so pleasant to listen to. It sits beautifully on the layers of piano, drum rhythm and spanish guitar. There is a fine balance between doing too much when it comes to effects, and not doing enough (where it could be added for a nice touch), that Felipe manages to pull off seemingly effortlessly. In all the right places he creates a ‘distant’ sound to his voice, while in others he adds an echo for an emphasis on the lyric that makes you need to understand.

Musically, the arrangement of the song is very thought-out, though there’s not a particular build leading into a bridge, the consistency in energy never fades; lending a hand to the overall quality of the song. And once I read the English translation, I had such an appreciation for the lyrical style in which Felipe writes, and was more than impressed by his creativity vocally, and word choice to express his emotions. One of my favorite sections of the lyric is at the start of the first verse;

“Where have you been all this time love?
Since you are here I don’t have dark nights.
It’s a fight against the time, follow you with words,
challenging myself for the best rhyme.
But you see, the sky is still blue and i’m still in love.
If the sun burns up over there, the warm is guaranteed.”

To solely read the lyrics you can almost feel the passion; the love that’s poured into what he’s saying…what he feels for that person. And then when you listen to it without understanding the words, but just listening to the emotion in his voice and the inflection to the words he’s singing; it’s enough to make me forget everything else and just immerse myself into the song totally and completely.

The chorus stands out like a shining star. Coming in for the first time at the song, it’s definitely a signature part of the track; and I’m a particular fan of when a songwriters repeats the chorus multiple times throughout the song…hey, if it’s a good chorus, why not, right? It does it’s job, as the chorus of the song should; summing up all the feelings he expresses throughout the verses lyrically, and maintaining all the groove and catchy-ness that the best hit songs in any genre have.

“This sun warms my soul,
giving more strength to this fire,
characteristic of the animals.
And this rain that refresh my fantasy,
remodel giving a color more natural.”

Mixing the best of Spanish/Italian vocals, instrumental creativity, solid lyrical writing, and modern catchy effects; Felipe Romero has added all the right touches to this one in the effort of making this a track that you will have to set on repeat.

You can hear more from Felipe on his Profile here

By Pranam Bai Richter
Singer/Songwriter, The Richter Sisters
Head of Global Publicity, the Fish Pond


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