Family Testimonials

We are blessed to share these testimonials from some of our big hitters in the industry. We thank everyone who has made this family the global brand that it has become, and invite you, as a family member, to send us a short piece on what the family means to you as a musician.

One world, one family, one musical heartbeat.


Anna Zerin is one of the two hosts of exciting new and upcoming daily podcast Entertainment Drive-Thru, heard in over 60 countries on 6 continents. Together with husband Dan Zerin, she brings us band Anna and the Bells, both of them graduating from Hollywood Musicians Institute in LA. With roots in Iceland and Michigan, Anna and Dan together are building an exciting network of individuals in the entertainment industry.

Anna Zerin

“I heard about Global Musicians Fish Pond after my friend Jonina Aradottir joined it, and after seeing how positive they were, I instantly wanted to join. My band Anna and the Bells joined and a year later my company joined as a partner. Listen to David´s interview on our podcast here and you can hear how amazing and caring he is and the story behind the logo. We´re honored to call him a friend. I highly recommend the Global Musician´s Fish Pond! One musical family!”

Anna Zerin, Co-Founder Entertainment Drive-Thru and Singer/Songwriter, Anna and the Bells


Josh Doyle has an amazing career and the depth of songwriting talent to support it, heading 2000’s pop-punk band the Dum Dums, supporting Bon Jovi, and producing a hit album which spawned 4 hit singles. More recently, Josh has been producing some incredible work, with a self-named brand new album, winning the 2012 Guitar Center Singer/Songwriter of the Year 2012, and producing superb singles “I Figured the World Out”, “Solarstorms”, and “My Jerusalem”. Josh will be opening for Springsteen later this summer. He joined the Fish Pond family in early 2013.

Josh Doyle 5

“It’s wonderful to be part of the global musicians fish pond, I am always looking for music to inspire me and I’ve not been let down by any of David’s recommendations yet. It is great to see what is going on musically all over the world and I feel privileged to be part of the gang. Keep up the good work!”

Josh Doyle, Singer/Songwriter and Guitar Center Singer/Songwriter of the Year 2012


Ola Weel Skram is a super vocalist, and at 22, made the 2013 Norway Idol semi-finals, posting 9th in the competition. Fish Pond family since 2012, Ola is a great supporter, and has spent years crafting his pitch-perfect vocals. He’s now involved in a project with Leon Frick, and has just released single “Moving On” with new project UAO.

Ola Weel Skram Idol

“It`s great to be a member of this family. It`s so inspiring to hear all these wonderful talented musicians from all over the world, and to know that I am considered as one of you guys is truly an honor! In this family we share our music all over the world, and today, using social networks, that’s one of the quickest, easiest, but also the best ways!”

Ola Weel Skram, Singer/Songwriter and Idol Norway Semi Finalist 2013


Katya Shalayeva is great musician in her own right, behind the very successful European beat duo Stereolizza. She also works with Margo Rey at Organica Music Group, an important partner to the Fish Pond.


“Global Musicians Fish Pond is a great resource for musicians and everybody in the music industry, bringing closer aspiring and established artists all over the globe. It is a place for creativity and a unique platform to get your music out there. Organica Music Group is a big supporter of undiscovered talent and is proud to be a part of the Global Musicians Fish Pond family.”

Kateryna Shalayeva, Organica Music Group


Haikaa is an amazing all around artist, published author, and successful musician. She is a great advocate that music can, and will, save the world.


“I started my professional career as a member of a girl band a lonnnng time ago, back in 1991, when I released an album by Sony Japan. And with over twenty years in this business, I tell you, people in the music industry can be very unkind. I could go on and on describing some of these unfortunate encounters but I won’t.

Instead, I want to talk about a more recent and very fortunate encounter I’ve had when I came across the “Global Musicians Fishpond.” At the Fishpond, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with other musicians across the Globe – Peru, Switzerland, Iceland, Germany etc… and exchange experiences, impressions and contacts. I found a place to share my music and to discover great, new music made by other artists.

It’s blissful for a fish to be back in the water swimming with other fish who share similar stories of love for music, relentlessness and an ability to appreciate treasures that can’t be seen, can’t be measured but that can be lived.”

Haikaa, Author, Singer/Songwriter, and Producer