Anni Kannika – Breaking Down

This has been the longest, darkest and most uninspired four months of my life. Losing my voice has been hell and it’s made me feel like I’ve lost so much more than just songs and melody, it’s as if the one thing that’s come to define me as a person has been taken from me. Without music, I feel like I’ve lost my way and my purpose.

Anni Kannika Blog

As an artist, I usually have a twisted love for dwelling in darkness, it’s a good place to go for songwriting at times:) But at this moment I don’t feel like writing and it does no good to live in dark and pessimistic thoughts. So I’ve decided to make something out of my journey, maybe something that other people who face similar challenges can relate to and get inspired by..

This is my story. I’m inviting you to follow me as I go through all the stages of overcoming my vocal chord injuries and find my way back to music.