Anna Yanova-Cattoor – Love Heart Soul

What do you expect to hear when you think of a Bulgarian singer living in Los Angeles, CA, named Anna Yanova-Cattoor? Probably not an extremely talented singer/songwriter with years of experience releasing her debut album titled; ‘UP’. Since the early age of 5, Anna began discovering her passion for music; taking up piano and vocal lessons, she had little thought it would lead to such a wonderful journey filled with music and love.

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At the age of 10, Anna made her first appearance on national TV on the music show “Kato Lavovete”, after which at 13 she was chosen to perform on the stage of “Rock In Rila” festival in front of 20,000 people, that year and the following 5 years in a row. Continuing on her musical journey, she shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Eric Benet and many others in the “Artist for Peace” choir at the Gibson Amphitheater.

In her album-starting track ‘Love Heart Soul’ you’ll hear the playful side of Anna’s music; while still receiving meaningful lyrics that inspire you to look for and bring out the best in yourself. From the guitar intro, I can’t help snapping my fingers along to the beat as Anna sings the first lyric…

“I’m looking at the cars, passing by
I’ve got some heavy thoughts, in my head
Walking down the street, I’m wondering why
Do we always choose red”

The entire song has a lovely rise and fall; not an overly complicated rhythm, there’s plenty of room for Anna’s beautiful voice to seep in and out like hot chocolate; warm and delicious. The guitar holds strong and true throughout. One of my favorite parts about the song musically; when the guitar comes back in with the finger-picking for the outro that made it’s first appearance in the intro of the song. The years of experience shine through in her vocal control and tasteful choice of placement for runs and riffs. The perfect song to start the album; feel-good at some of it’s finest.

Following after a few tracks is a completely different style in ‘I Pray’. Filled with breathy and smokey vocals that create the feeling of a sensual atmosphere in a song, whose lyrics suggest barely holding on to someone you’re losing. It’s a quiet and tensed battle that’s so well put together, demonstrating humble brilliance. It’s hard to hear past the emotion Anna pours into every word and pick out special moments instrumentally, but in my opinion that shows the skill of a great band; to be able to know when to shine, and to be able to know when to fill a song and let the vocals take over. Filling the background setting with steady electric guitar, snare drum beat-keeping, piano with an effect, and the accents of an occasional guitar solo, Anna spins a web with the lyrics…

“You saw me today
Like a ghost in your way
If i turn around and sing
Would you let it ring?
I pray
For your reverie
I stay
If you’ll let me
I hope
You don’t leave me alone”

Second to last on the album is ‘Partners In Crime’ a beautiful piano based tune about two people lost but finding life, love and themselves in each other. Anna shows off more of her range, touching upon some higher octave notes, again showing her vocal control.

“And you reached for the candle
You took off your sandals
Sat beside me
With a bottle of wine
And you told me the story
Of how you lost your glory
Said darlin’ you’ll be just fine
We are partners in crime”

The song peaks it’s instrumental impact in the bridge, dropping off slightly for a few final rounds of “Partners in Crime” sung in a airy and distant way; like angels calling. The piano rings throughout the song like a golden sun shining down, and I can’t help but have the mental image of a summers’s day romance at a little old coffee shop where, through the blinding of the sun, a stranger comes to rescue a lost girl down on love. Taking a turn at the end, where she suddenly realizes that she’s not lost anymore, she has found love, she has found….her partner in crime.

The entire album has a steady thread that links all the songs together, though each one has it’s own “moment”. Anna’s voice is well deserving of the praise it has received, and she has created a strong first album. Feel-good in it’s listen; quality and creative in it’s making; set to repeat on your iPod.

By Pranam Bai Richter
Singer/Songwriter, The Richter Sisters
Head of Global Publicity, the Fish Pond


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